A space of examined worldviews.

Thoughts and perspectives that will question your current viewpoint and encourage you to perceive the world in a new way.


Hi. I'm PEP *Paulina EV Perez* I'm the author and creator of this space!

PEP Thought is a platform that aims to shift perspective from the world happening to you, to the world happening BECAUSE of you.

If you are interested in philosophy or interested in self realization, reflection and action; THIS IS A SPACE FOR YOU.

In the past two years that I've been studying philosophy at University, my most requested conversation starter is always, "OMG. Tell me something life changing".

I can't do that.

What I can do, is provide perspective that will encourage you to grab life by the balls.



Thank you for taking interest in my site. I'm so excited to share my writing with the world. I welcome any and all kinds of feedback along the way. I created this site myself and it was super important to me to have a comments section. Readers should be able to offer disagreement or agreement on various topics and discuss as a community. All are welcome here for a safe space of collective contemplation. Look out for posts coming in the near future. Some topics I will be writing about include: Death (much on this), the existence of language and "cuss" words, Is there free will?, Can you resist evil without becoming evil?, and much more. If you have any philosophical curiosities bring them to me and I would love to write about them.

Thanks for being here.